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Our main purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions ...

About us



Cim Finance has over 30 years played a critical role in driving both economic growth and social progress. Our main purpose is to help people achieve their ambitions because finance can be a key enabler of social and economic progress when it is dealt with in the right way. We know how our day-to-day decisions impact on society and how our innovative products, services and solutions deliver both social and financial prosperity. We aim at doing business that provides our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve with access to a prosperous future by using our skills, resources and commitment to deliver the best results for all stakeholders and by seeking fair, ethical and open solutions to problems.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cim Finance is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of less privileged members of our society not only by funding worthwhile causes but also by encouraging our staff to participate in our CSR efforts. To be more impactful and at the same time help as many beneficiaries as possible, our CSR efforts are focused on the three areas below. We work with non-governmental organisations operating in these areas where we have developed close working relationships over time.


Education is an essential factor to good citizenship and enables people to contribute to their community and their country. Financial literacy is a key foundation in an individual’s life to enhance his/her ability to make smart decisions and achieve personal and financial goals.


Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that will increase positive impacts on the environment. We value sustainable progress as much as immediate achievements. We thus help leverage capital for crucial social and environmental infrastructure.


We are committed to working constructively within social groups to create more resilient and sustainable communities. We try to find ways to positively impact these communities, especially children, teenagers and women. We also believe that promoting sports is crucial to the integral development of our society and support initiatives uplifting the social values of sports activities.

Drug prevention Programme Awareness

Programme targeting students & general public

“Project – Leader In Me”-

Renganaden Seeneevassen

Government School in Cassis

Improve level of academic

education through various initiatives

20 teachers coached

1120 students sensitised to drugs prevention

50 engaged social workers

Global Rainbow Foundation

Weekly therapeutic interventions for special needs children

Therapeutic aid to 20 children

Oasis De Paix

Installation of fire alarm system

170 children in a secure environment

Abri De Nuit – Saint Jean and Port Louis

Quality time with homeless persons

Recreational activities for 115 homeless persons

Cité Cim –Rivière Du Rempart

Construction/renovation plan of houses

5 houses under construction/renovation

We Recycle

Purchase of a vehicle for collecting & recycling

Reduction of PET bottles in the Black River Region

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

Protection of endangered species & recycling programme

Preservation of threatened Mauritian species

Mission Verte

Sensitisation programme for employees and general public

4 bins of 5L collected every 2 months