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Aspira helps Kenyans live their best life today. We provide an affordable way to buy what you want from top retailers and pay it in several instalments.

Cim Finance has been transforming lives through innovative financial services since 1987. With Aspira, our customers can easily afford all the quality products they need to live their best life, today. We’re committed to providing the best experience we can while financing their best life today. We’re a team of Africans, building for Africans.


Cim Credit Kenya’s Aspira platform was officially launched at the end of 2018, giving Kenyans more choice about how to buy on credit.

Aspira, the 1st Product financing mobile application in Kenya, allows customers to buy goods and services ranging from household goods and personal electronics to travel and insurance on credit, with free credit assessment, competitive rates and limits of up to Ksh 500,000.

The Aspira mobile application is available on iOS and Android smartphones. We partner with most of the major retailers in Nairobi as well as online merchants serving the Kenyan market. The Fintech platform of Aspira combines speed with ease of use.

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Get your free credit assessment now
With Aspira you can finance your next phone, tv, cooker, couch and so much more.
Simply download the Aspira app to find out how much you can finance and your payment terms.