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Cim CSR Volunteers

Link to Life in partnership with Cim Group, held its first Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness and Screening session at Roche Bois Social Welfare Centre on Saturday 6 February 2016.

Our colleagues, Aurelie Sevene, Runa Judoonundun and Rajeshri Moher, the first Cim Volunteers to give their time to the community, proudly represented the Company in assisting the ladies of Roche Bois in filling in their inscription forms and in distributing pamphlets.

The aims of those sessions were to educate and create awareness on these types of cancer to vulnerable women of the locality, since they are the most prevalent one in women in Mauritius. The presentation emphasised on the implications of breast and cervical cancer, its prevention measures, and the signs and symptoms to look out for during a breast self-exam to improve the chances of an early detection. A group of 31 women assisted the talk on that day, out of which 16 did the breast & cervical screening through the pap smear test and the remaining 15 did only the breast check-up through palpation and ultrasound machine. With regard to the breast screening, 3 women got an appointment for follow-up at Link to Life due to some minor lumps in the breasts.

We wish to thank Aurelie, Runa and Rajeshri for their engagement and look forward to welcoming other colleagues at the upcoming sessions with Link to Life.