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Cim Group supports non-governments organisations (NGOs) at a cost of Rs 13m for the financial year 2013/2014.

Cim Group invited the NGOs which the group has supported during the financial year 2013/2014 to a get-together on Thursday 20 November 2014.

During this event, Paul Leech, CEO of the Cim Group and Melinda Soorajee, Corporate Manager, Communication & CSR handed over to representatives of these NGOs, a symbolic cheque of Rs 13m, representing the total contribution of the Group for the year.

As part of its CSR program, the Cim Group supported 25 NGOs in three priority areas of intervention for the group including: financial education, community support and environmental protection.

Financial literacy and Education of vulnerable groups:

For the CEO of Cim Group, Paul Leech "financial education to vulnerable groups is a priority. Cim wants to be a responsible operator in the field of financial services. Through the ten programs supported the group provides the necessary tools to vulnerable people so that they can understand and apply the basics of financial management in their daily lives. The NGOs supported are: Association pour L’Education des Enfants Défavorisés (APEDED), Caritas Ile Maurice, Terre De Paix, Junior Achievement Mascareignes, Oasis de Paix, Pont de Tamarinier, Soroptimist, SOS Children’s Villages, Ti Rayons Soleil and Quartier de Lumière.

Social Engagement:

Cim Group believes in the development of the community in which we evolve. In this context, the group earmarked 13 NGOs who mainly focused on the welfare of the vulnerable groups specially for children’s and adult’s education like ANFEN, L’Association des Maladies et Handicapés de L’est – Centre Joie de Vivre, Angel Special School & Welfare Association, Association Ki Fer Pas Mwa, APEIM, Autisme Maurice, Etoile du Berger, Joie de Vivre Universelle, Lizié dans la main, NEF, PILS, Reve et Espoir et Ti Diams.

Protection of the Environment.

The payment of this dividend will take place on or about 20 January 2020.

Cim Group is aware of the importance to promote sustainable development of and the preservation of species on our island. Therefore, the protection of environment has been benefitted through our sponsorship to NGOs like PAWS and the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.