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  • Cim Financial Services to merge entities for greater efficiency
We recognise we have obligations to multiple stakeholders and strive to consistently deliver value to all of them

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Cim Financial Services to merge entities

14 août 2019

Cim Financial Services to merge entities for greater efficiency


Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to announce that the board of Cim Financial Services Ltd (‘CFSL’), our parent company, has approved ‘in principle’ the amalgamation of Cim Finance Ltd, with and into a single entity namely CFSL.

This amalgamation comes in line with the objective to streamline the group structure and to improve performance, efficiency, dynamism and creativity.

CFSL and Cim Finance Ltd are currently working to obtain the approval of the regulatory authorities for the implementation of the merger and we will implement an action plan to align entity policies so that together, we continue to strive for and deliver excellence in each of our services.

Please note that this will not entail any changes in Cim Finance’s business activities or in any of your contact points with the company.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in over the last 32 years and for bringing us to where we are today.

The Management
Cim Finance Ltd