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About Cim Finance

Cim Finance

Our philosophy
At the core of our philosophy, Cim Finance has a mission to uplift lives and build better futures of our customers.

We are a non-banking financial institution that develops innovative integrated consumer and business products and services, for less privileged communities or for small and medium businesses, which require flexible solutions to improve their quality of life and grow their activities. We have the ability to uplift lives and build better futures. A housing Credit Facility can help empower individuals to enhance their families’ comfort build homes for their families; a business Credit Facility can create job opportunities for thousands….

We recognise we have obligations to multiple stakeholders and strive to consistently deliver value to all of them. We believe that dealing with financial services is more than just being a commercially-centred enterprise. We are committed to the philosophy of doing the right thing for our customers and seek to positively help assist the communities we are present in, and deliver social value. Our services are created to be low cost, easily accessible, disruptive to traditional practices and amazingly simple to use. Our local expertise coupled with our technologically innovative framework, means we are perfectly placed to develop new products that meet the unique needs of our growing customer base….

Our people

We nurture our people. We believe that our people are our most valuable asset, the cornerstone of our existence and our growth drivers. We believe engagement thrives in an environment filled with energy, trust, challenge, personal growth and fairness.


We work as one. We believe in the power of working together as the only way to progress and evolution towards a better future.


We do the right thing. We conduct our business with uttermost respect for the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics.

Customer centricity

We see the world through our customers’ eyes. We are dedicated to caring for our customers in a highly proactive way and we are committed to improving their lifestyle.


We are constantly evolving. We anticipate change and shape it to fit our objectives. We are committed to be at the forefront of a fast moving environment, by always rethinking our products and services to anticipate our customers’ needs.

CIM Financial Services Ltd, trading as Cim Finance, is the largest non-banking financial institution in Mauritius. It is regulated by the Financial Services Commission, listed on the Official Market of the Stock Exchange and is licensed as a Payment Service Provider with the Bank of Mauritius to conduct payments activities.  Driven by its mission to uplift their lives and build better futures, Cim Finance has developed a wide range of flexible financing solutions suitable for individuals, SMEs and large businesses. The group has over 800 employees across Mauritius, Rodrigues and Kenya and operates across two main clusters namely; the Finance cluster and the Investment cluster.

Finance Cluster

    • Consumer Finance

Cim Finance initiated its Consumer Finance activities in 1987 and now offers credit finance solutions for the acquisition of products and services as well as unsecured credit facilities with flexible repayment periods.. A network of over 100 retail Points of Sale and 700 authorised merchants support its Consumer Finance activities across the Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Over the years, Cim Finance continued to strengthen its digital capabilities, as evidenced by the innovative products and services it has launched: a behavioural credit scorecard, designed to make more accurate data-driven decisions, a user-friendly mobile app to enable remote payment, a WhatsApp service for credit applications, a Digital Lending Ecommerce solution, the first of its kind in Mauritius, which fully integrates into a merchant-partner’s e-commerce website.

    • Cards & Payments

Cim Finance offers acquiring services for Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay and issuing services for Visa and MasterCard. Cim Finance is the first non-banking financial institution in Sub-Saharan Africa to be a principal member of Visa, and MasterCard. Through its partners, it also offers merchants across Mauritius a comprehensive range of acquiring solutions that can be customised to their unique needs.

    • Insurance

In collaboration with Mauritius Union Assurance, Cim Finance has developed a credit protection plan, designed to protect its customers against unforeseen circumstances. This service is available for all credit purchases made through Cim Finance.

    • Leasing

In 1996, Cim Finance became the first player to introduce leasing activities in Mauritius, through which individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations can lease vehicles and equipment. In 2021, Cim Finance pioneered a Green Lease scheme to support and encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles and equipment at attractive interest rates. In line with its strategic intent to complement its current portfolio, Cim Finance acquired Tsusho Capital (Mauritius) Limited in 2022, a company engaged in vehicle leasing on the Mauritian Market since 2009.

    • Factoring

True to its spirit of being a forerunner in its industry, Cim Finance introduced recourse Factoring services to Mauritians in 2004. Over the years, it has evolved its offering to include non-recourse and international factoring—all aimed at helping businesses improve their cash-flow so they can, focus on growing their business. Underpinning these operations is a state-of-the-art platform, Aquarius, which delivers the capabilities, insights and customer service required to meet the fast-growing demand for factoring.

Investment Cluster

    • Cim Credit Kenya

Cim Finance’s first entry into the African continent was through Kenya, where it set up Aspira, a wholly owned subsidiary operating in the Hire Purchase segment. Launched in 2018, Aspira’s mobile app offers Kenyan customers a quick and convenient way to apply for credit and obtain information on their loan status and payment updates —all through their iOS or Android smartphone.

    • Fundkiss

In a move that combines its ambitious SME Strategy and Digitalisation Strategy, Cim Finance acquired a minority stake in Fundkiss, the first peer-to-peer lending platform in Mauritius. Through this strategic investment, Cim Finance is able to reach a greater number of SMEs and play a meaningful role in their growth so they can serve their purpose as major engines of the Mauritian economy.

  • Credit purchase
  • Unsecured credit facilities
  • Credit card issuing and acquiring – MasterCard and Visa
  • Vehicle and equipment leasing
  • Factoring (receivables financing) and credit insurance
  • POS terminals for debit and credit cards
  • Online payment gateway for e-commerce acquiring on merchant sites
  • 2022

    Launch of the first Green Funding Programme in Mauritius
    Acquisition of Tsusho Capital (Mauritius) Limited
     Launch of the Video KYC facility

  • 2021

    Launch of WhatsApp for Business
    Launch of Green Lease
    Investment in Fundkiss

  • 2020

    Launch of Mo Finans Mobile App
  • 2019

    Launch of International Factoring
  • 2018

    Launch of Travel Loan (Cim Voyage)
  • 2017

    Launch of new brand identity
  • 2016

    Launch of Cim Mokart
  • 2015

    Launch of credit facilities (Cim MoCrédit)
  • 2014

    Launch of UPI credit cards - Classic, Gold & Business
  • 2013

    Launch of Cim Finance Connect (Internet and SMS services)
  • 2012

    Launch of Cim Finance Facebook page
  • 2011

    Launch of Cim Finance Connect
    (Internet and SMS services) Launch of PayMobile, the first mobile payment service in Mauritius Launch of Visa credit cards : Classic, Gold & Business
  • 2010

    Start of debit & credit card acquiring activities for Visa
  • 2009

    Cim Finance certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • 2008

    Start of debit & credit card acquiring activities for MasterCard

    Sponsorship of Afrasia Bank as a MasterCard affiliate member
  • 2007

    Leasing services certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards
  • 2006

    Launch of Non-Recourse Factoring services in collaboration with Euler Hermes SFAC
  • 2005

    The first non-banking financial institution
    in sub- Saharan Africa to receive MasterCard accreditation
  • 2004

    Launch of Recourse Factoring
  • 2003

    Launch of first local credit card – Mojoker
  • 1996

    One of the pioneers to offer Leasing in Mauritius
  • 1987

    Launching of credit purchase/retail credit activities