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Middlesex National Secondary School Competition 2019

News On Sunday
07 June 2019

Middlesex University Mauritius launched a national competition for all Upper Sixth students in secondary schools during the month of May to encourage them to come forward, show and share their knowledge about The future of Mauritius with the Metro Express - Economical, Social & Innovative Impacts." The competition saw the participation of ten colleges. This was an excellent platform for students to present the various Impacts that the Metro Express may have on the future of Mauritius.

• The winners were Orin Reechaye, Manaswini Bhudoye, Gayatri Gopaul and Ashwini Brilmohun from Queen Elizabeth College. The winners received a shield and Rs 30,000 cash prize and a goodie bag by CIM Finance Ltd. One of the winners, Gayatri Gopaul, stated that it was a good platform to showcase their talents.